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Differences Between Equine Dental Practices

Equine Dentistry has gone through quite an evolution within the twenty years I’ve been working in the industry. When I entered the Equine Dental Certification Program there were only two theories, Veterinary Dentistry and Traditional Horse Dentistry (Equilibration or Three-Point-Balance). Recently there has been a new marketing approach to dentistry, identified as “Natural Dentistry”, (performed without sedation and exclusively using hand floats).

Because of the significant differences between these three dental theories, I am obliged to discuss the differences so horse owners will know what they are paying for and how each dental theory influences their horse.

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Does My Horse Need a Dentist?

  • Poor Performance
  • Behavior Problems
  • Poor Condition


It might just be his teeth!

Grant MacKinnon is one of only a handful of qualified certified dentists traveling and specializing in equilibration or three-point-balance. MacKinnon received his training from the Academy of Equine Dentistry, under schoolmaster Dale Jeffrey C.P.Eq.D.


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